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VILLAGE SPECIFICATIONS FOR TRASH PICKUP - Trash Pick-Up Schedule is located on our calendar - CLICK HERE

1) – Contractor will pick up the garbage in the Village of Interlaken after 7:00 am and before 4:00 pm on Friday of each week.
2) – Contractor will pick up all garbage placed  in your container on the specified day, up to four (4) plastic bags or trash bags per stop. The contractor will also empty on a weekly basis the public garbage containers maintained by the Village. Furniture, construction debris, appliances, leaves, large branches, scrap iron, machinery, auto parts, and other similar items are excluded from pick up requirements.
3) – Contractor will provide contractor’s liability insurance, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and all other costs directly associated with labor for employees of the contractor.
4) – Contractor will furnish Certificates of Insurance upon signing of the contract.
5) – Contractor will furnish certified payrolls (weekly or biweekly).
6) – Contractor will furnish own equipment suitable for pick up of garbage. Equipment will be in compliance with the State Sanitary Code.
7) – Contractor and any persons hired by same are independent contractors and are not employees or agents of the Village of Interlaken for any purpose.

1) – RECYCLING in the Village of Interlaken is picked up after 7:00 am and before 4:00 pm on Friday every other week.

2021 Trash Bid Results

Casella                            $39,312

D&L Disposal II         $23,880

Cardinal                         $38,000

2022 Trash Bid Results

Casella                            $54,742

DL Disposal                 $23,880

​Cardinal                        $29,160


Trash pickup for June 2023 to June 2024 was Awarded to D L Parkison Enterprise LLC - Pickup is on Fridays - Their contact info for questions is:

(315) 331-7173


STARTS JUNE 2023 - First pickup will be the first FRIDAY in June

and weekly thereafter.

                     ** Residents need to have their trash out by 7 am in the morning or after 6pm the night before

** Each household/commercial property must supply their own container. 

        ** Village regulates that NO - furniture, appliances, ashes, leaves, grass, large branches,

scrap iron, machinery, construction debris, or anything like it shall be included

in the pickup requirement.

TO CONTACT  D& L Disposal II use the info below:

 D& L Disposal II

​1619 NY-88, Newark, NY 14513

Phone: (315) 331-7173

Important Reminder! 

Electrical items are NOT allowed in the trash - There is a ban on them and can come

        with hefty fines!  You can dispose of these at the Village Barns Tuesdays and Thursday.