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 Current Officers

Operations 2022-2023

Chief - Jim Borden

1st Assistant - Chris Nelson
2nd Assistant - Ralph Baily
Captain -  John Hillman
Lieutenant - Jim Mead

Corporate 2022-2023

President - Matt Barkee
Vice President - Chris Percy
Secretary - Chris Vogt

Treasurer - Nicole Nelson
Trustees - Jason Lisk
                James Finch
                Keith Jay

Engine 501 and Rescue 541
911 Parade 2010 Ovid

 Interlaken Member
October 2013

 Fire Fighter's Gear
History on the Sidewalk
August 2013

 Fire Training: Burning Building
Photographs courtesy of Karen Nelson

Additional Photo Gallery

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Interlaken Volunteer Fire Department

Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1891

Fire House
8487 Route 96
PO Box 274
Interlaken, NY 14847
(607) 532-4300

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call  911

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Interlaken Assists in Southern Tier

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Notice 11/16/2010
Fire Lanes Interlaken Fire District

Seneca County Mass Casualty Response Guide

Seneca County Emergency Services

Seneca County Incident Rehabilitation

Workplace Violence Prevention

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Chemical Suicides

Smoke Detectors
Save Lives!

NYS Form IT-245
Volunteer Firefighters' Credit

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Historical Fires
1913 Boyer Opera House

1928 Main Street

1890s, 1916 & 1939
Main Street Fires


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