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Interlaken's Beautification Program 2019

6/1/2019 This program is currently being revised and will resume in 2020.

Village of Interlaken, NY

Get paid to fix up the front of your house!!!

Interlaken's Beautification Contest

Applications for our annual contest to promote "pride in our village" are available at the Village Office.


The program is open to all property in the village that is on the tax rolls. However, current village employees and/or  board members are not allowed to participate.

Pick up an application, fill it out and return it by May 15th. Don't forget to include a picture of the front of your property ( the before photo ). The board will choose 5 applicants from the entries each year to compete. If you have been chosen, you will be notified as soon as possible. Those 5 will have until October 31st. to complete their project. 

Before and after pictures will be on the ballot for the 5 entries. The entire village will do the voting. The focus for voting on this project will be the curb appeal and changes to the front of your property. Improvements can include but are not limited to, a paint face lift, new siding, addition of a porch, landscaping, total makeover, etc. 

The winner each year will be awarded $1000 over the course of 3 years as follows.

$500 the 1st year

$300 the 2nd year

$200 the 3rd year

8369 Main Street

 Interlaken, NY